Pier I Condominium – General Rules

Antenna / Satellite Dish Restrictions

No television, radio, satellite, or other antenna or satellite system may be installed on any part of the condominium properties without prior approval of the Association. Certain television, satellite, or other antenna systems (devices covered by section 207 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996) may be erected or installed in a unit or on a limited common elements or common areas subject to the approval of the Association. (See manager for additional information)

Bicycle Riding, Roller Skating And Skate Boarding

Bicycle riding, roller skating and skate boarding is prohibited on sidewalks and walkways within the complex.

Common Areas

No articles belonging to residents, including household items, furniture, food for animals, trash and garbage will be placed in common areas of the buildings, such as walkways, lobbies and halls. Any such items will be considered trash by the Association management and will be placed in trash dumpsters. These common areas must be kept free of obstructions. Changes/additions to common areas must be approved by the Board of Directors. Report all maintenance problems promptly. Neither owners or guests shall use the common areas for private purposes such as planting flowers, trees, or gardens, placement of swings or other children’s play items or use such areas for personal storage without the expressed written permission of the Association.

Digging Within The Complex

There is no private property located outside the condominium units – only common property. No digging by any owner, guests, rental guests or other residents is permitted on any of the common property for any purpose.


No dogs shall be kept in any unit or household upon the Condominium Property. Condominium rules prohibit residents from having dogs in the complex. Visiting friends of residents and family of residents should be advised of this rule and make the necessary arrangements for boarding their dog at a kennel. Any owner or resident who seeks accommodations under either the Federal or The Florida Fair Housing Act shall submit a written request to the Association prior to bringing the service animal on the Condominium Property. The owner of the service animal shall comply with the policy and procedures promulgated by the Association, as amended from time to time.

Fire Extinguishers And Smoke Detectors

Check your smoke detector to insure it is operating. Install a new battery if required. Check your fire extinguishers to ensure it is fully charged and in a location that is easily accessible. Contact unit owner or management firm for maintenance or replacement of the fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

Music, Noise And Disturbances

No resident may make or permit any disturbing noises in the building whether made by himself/herself, his/her family, or friends nor permit anything to be done by such persons that will interfere with the rights, comforts or convenience of other tenants at any hour. No musical instrument, phonograph, radio or television may be played between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and the following 7:am in such a manner that disturb or annoy other occupants of the condominium.

Outdoor Grills

No hibachi, gas fired grill, charcoal grill, or other similar device used for cooking, heating or any other purpose, shall be used or kindled on any balcony or under any overhanging portion or within 10 ft (3 m) of any structure. The association  Manager shall be authorized to require any fire to be immediately distinguished if the fire is determined to constitute a hazardous condition.

Patio / Balconies

No carpet or covering is permitted on any balcony. Authorized items that may be kept on patios and balconies are lawn furniture, bikes. Balconies, railings and patios should not be used to dry clothing, beach towels and other household items. Don’t make it a “catch all” for items you do not want in your unit. This rule applies to units with enclosed patios. The upkeep of grounds within enclosed patios shall be the responsibility of the owner/tenant. Report all patio/balcony problems to the Association. Do not sit on, stand on or lean against balcony railing.

Pest Control Service

Pest Control service will be provided to all units on a scheduled basis, every third month as follows:

March February January
June May April
September August July
December November October

If a pest problem exists in a unit, at any time, notify management to obtain additional service.


The pool rules are posted by the pool gate. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied at all times by a responsible person at least 16 years of age. For your safety no glass containers are permitted in the pool area. The pool is open 15 April through 15 October. Parents must monitor their children. Pool opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM each night. If you are in the pool after 10: PM you are trespassing. Children under age three, children age (3) or older who are not toilet trained and any other persons who are incontinent, may not use the swimming pool unless they are wearing leak-proof protective diapers and swimsuit. The diaper is to be checked before entering the pool and the child or person wearing the diaper shall not be allowed in the pool unless the diaper is clean. As to children who are under age (3) or not toilet-trained, a parent or guardian must hold the child in their arms at all times while the child is in the pool. as their is no life-guard on duty, all persons use the pool at their own risk and parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are continuously and diligently monitored while in or about the pool.

The Association requires, that a pool pass issued by the Association, be worn by all persons within the pool enclosure area. Pool passes can be obtained at the Association office.


If you observe something or are concerned  about a problem and it is a non-emergency, call the Sheriff Office at (850) 651-7400. If you have a true emergency call 911. Please do not wait a few days to call because it decreases the chances of solving the problem. call when you see the problem.

Unit Keys

The Association requires unit keys to gain access for scheduled pest control service, routine maintenance and emergencies. If you change the locks on your unit please furnish the office with a new key.

Use Of The Facilities – Residents / Household Guests

Owners that do not occupy their units and place their units on a rental program give up their rights to utilize the facilities of the Association such as the pool, dock, and tennis courts. The facilities at Pier 1 are for the use of Pier 1 residents and house guests. Residents must accompany their guests when using the facilities and are responsible for their actions.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is not permitted in visitor parking areas. Maintenance must be performed in the unit assigned parking slot and only on resident owned vehicles. When performing maintenance proper safety practices will be adhered to and the area kept neat and clean. You are expected to respect the feeling of your neighbors.

Water Leaks

If you have a water leak in your unit or hear water running continuously, please notify the Association as soon as possible. The Association will fix the leaks at no cost to the owner or tenant. Unreported leaks increase the maintenance fees and are reflected in rent increases. Ultimately the user pays.

Washer / Dryer Installation

Washer/Dryer installation must be done in accordance with the county plumbing/electrical code.  The plumbing code requires that the washer drain be at least two (2) inches in diameter. The current drain line is 1 1/2 inches and does not conform to the code with a washer hook-up. The dryer must be vented out of the unit and not into the dead air space in the ceiling. Before making any installation approval must be obtained from the Association.

Hurricane Season

Our hurricane season is from June through November. During that period you will be hearing and reading about preparedness and the damage that could be expected should a hurricane strike the Northwest Florida coast. In the event of a storm and you evacuate the area, before you leave make sure your unit is secure and all items have been removed from your patio/balcony. Boat owners should take action to remove their boats from the dock and moor them in a sheltered area. The owner of any boat that causes damage to the dock or condominium property will be responsible for the cost of repair.

Homeowners And Renters Insurance

All owners and renter should talk with their insurance agent concerning the need/requirement for insurance coverage of their unit and/or personal property. The Association provides insurance for the common elements and the condominium property. Excluded from the Association’s coverage are all floor, wall and ceiling covering, electrical fixtures, appliances, air conditioners or heating equipment, water heaters, water filters, built-in cabinets, counter tops and window treatments, including curtains, drapes, blinds, hardware and similar window treatment components, or replacements of any of the forgoing which are located within the boundaries of a unit.

Mail Box Keys

Mail boxes are installed and maintained by the Post Office. Keys are available at the main Post Office – Walter Martin Drive, Fort Walton Beach. A copy of lease is required by the Post Office.

Rules for parking, leasing of units, assignment of dock slips, boat/PWC and trailer storage, and club house reservation requests are available in the Association Office.

Pool Pass Procedure

The Board of directors have established a “Pool Pass” procedure in an effort to control the unauthorized use of the Pier I swimming pool.

POOL OPERATING DATES – April 15 through October 15


Pool passes may be obtained at the Association office effective April 14 Monday through Friday. Passes will only be issued to and signed for by resident owners and adult rental tenant listed on the unit lease.

The number of passes issued per unit is based on current occupancy as listed on the lease. The maximum number of passes authorized per unit:

Efficiency 2
1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 3
2 Bedroom / 1 Bath 4
2 Bedroom / 2 Bath 4
3 Bedroom / 2 Bath 5

Guest passes will be limited to two per unit issued on a temporary basis (7 days) and require a $10.00 refundable deposit for each pass. Guest passes will expire after the seventh day. If guest pass is not returned to the Association within three days after the expiration date the deposit will be forfeited. a $10.00 charge is required for the replacement of a lost pass.

Pool passes must be worn by all individuals at all times when within the pool enclosure. Any person in the pool enclosure area without a pool pass will be considered trespassing.

Pier One Condominium Association Of Fort Walton Beach, INC. – Parking Rules

The parking areas are marked and numerous warning and information signs are posted throughout the complex. The following are the basic rules.

  1. One parking slot is assigned for each unit. Only one vihicle is permitted for each slot. No double parking is allowed. Second cars and visitors cars must be parked in the visitors area in the front of the complex.
  2. No vehicle may occupy the same visitors parking space for more than seven (7) consecutive days without being moved.
  3. All vehicles parked in the complex must be currently tagged and operational.
  4. Do not park in the fire lanes.
  5. Do not park in front of the dumpsters.
  6. Do not park in the driveways or in designated walk areas.
  7. Use common sense. If you do not think you should park in an area, – then don’t.
  8. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas or spaces are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. If you must park in an unauthorized area or space, you must place a note on your windshield as to where you may be contacted.
  9. C & B Towing and Recovery (862-9940) will check the area at night. They have been given the authority to tow vehicles illegally parked.
  10. If someone is parked in your assigned slot do not park in another reserved slot or a no parking area. Either have the car in your slot towed (C & B Towing – 862-9940) or park in the visitor area or county right of way.
  11. Boats and trailers must not be parked in assigned parking areas or visitor parking spaces.